Sonos Music Library Not Categorized Correctly

  • 27 November 2021
  • 5 replies

I have a WD Mycloud Home drive. I copied all my music from my laptop onto the Mycloud drive. When I access the music library on the Mycloud using the Myclould music source, my library is not categorized correctly. For example a lot of my music falls into an unknown genre. However when I access the same music directly from my computer by using the adding the music library function, all my music is categorized correctly. So I am assuming that the meta data is correct on the actual files. Any idea why my music files that are on my computer are categorized correctly and the files, which are the same, on the Mylcoud are not?



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5 replies

Did you check the Sonos Advanced Music Library settings? Maybe you should double-check the meta data of the tracks that are wrongly categorised with an external tool.


thanks - I did use an external meta data tool, Mp3tag and the files had the correct data listed. 

What should I check in the advanced Music Library settings?  The music library, is pulled off my laptop and those files are fine. iWhen I use the music services and use MYcloud home, that is where the issue is. 



here is what I found about using My Cloud Home 


Thanks Rubio….I looked at the link that you provided. I’m not an expert in this area and some of it didnt make any sense due to my lack of knowledge. I didnt find anything that explained why the data base is not being categorized correctly. The thing that I don’t understand is that when it is pulled from my laptop, it is great. When I use there Mycloud services app, it doesn't. it has to be the services app


Posting this for the Sonos community in case others have the same issue. I did some follow-up.

  • Mycloud home is not a traditional NAS. You cannot connect the drive like you would with a traditional NAS drive. 
  • I contacted Sonos’ tech support. Connect Mycloud using the music services is buggy and is a know issue that I experience. 
  • If you are looking for use a NAS drive specifically to store your music and use on Sonos, do not buy a Mycloud home device. 

Hope this helps others and saves you some time.