Sonos Move unreliable

  • 30 November 2020
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Hello All

I’m new to this forum. I have a lovely Sonos system, which is great. I bought a new Move to add to it, but unfortunately I am having some frustrating reliability issues. I have done the obvious things, like rebooting the router, powering the units down, although with the move I cannot connect it to an ethernet cable to update its software as I would with another Sonos unit, (as the Move has no ethernet port I could see).

I have re-done the whole system in the past, and the Move appeared on the restarted system, but pretty soon it dropped off again, and now I cannot get it back - it won’t play on either Sonos or on Airplay. 

The move works on Bluetooth, but when it is on bluetooth, it cannot “see” the other products in the system, so it can’t join in and play the same music. 

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5 replies

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The Move only connects via wi-fi, even if you are using Sonos Net for the rest of your system. So I suspect wi-fi interference. Can you temporarily move the Move closer to your router to test and also try to look at the steps in this article.

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Sorry can't help with your Deezer issue, as I don't subscribe.

The rest of the system still works fine, so I wonder if there is some problem with my particular Move - is there a troubleshooting program or system diagnostic I can run?


One other unrelated question - since the S2 update, I am no longer able to see discography entries on the Deezer streaming service. Is this something which is being looked at, does anyone know?


Thank you UKMedia - I really appreciate your helpful reply so quickly :-) These are the steps I’ve tried before, but happily I have now got it working - hopefully not temporarily!! - but I wonder if there is a stability issue with the software?


I’ll share my experience in case that helps other users maybe; I tried each of those things in order, but got nowhere. I then revisited the “power-down” phase, as these sorts of devices often have big capacitors, which take a while to power down fully, so I powered it down for 10 full minutes, and then powered it on again. No joy again, but I did notice a different series of coloured lights in the boot-up phase; I wondered if that was because I tried connecting the Airplay too soon, without giving itself to fully reboot - and that doing so somehow “confused” its settings. 


So I again powered it down for 10 minutes, and then gave it a minute or so after re-powering up before selecting it - and it worked right away. I’m sitting now with the Move and a Play 5 - the sound between them is lovely, rich, and clear… all the frustrations are melting away slowly… :-)


The failure-mode I get with the Move is odd, though, because when this has happened in the past, it failed initially just on the Sonos network, but I could still play it directly via Airplay outside of the Sonos App, (and on Air-play, it handily and nicely “recruits” 2 nearby Play Ones to join it!). That indicates to me that the stability problem comes from the Move’s operating software - if it changes the order in which it connects devices after a boot-up, it would avoid getting “confused” when changing position, or reconnecting. Not sure - I am sure there’s plenty of clever people which look at this sort of thing.


Anyway - thanks for your help. One last question - any idea how we can get “discography” back in the Sonos App from Deezer Streaming - only on some Artists, where on Deezer’s own App, the Discography is there, but not on the Sonos App, (frustratingly, my favourite Artist New Model Army is one such artist where the discography has dropped). 

Thanks UKMedia - I’ll try some red wine, as you suggest :-)

Have a good day.