Sonos Desktop Controller -- Should I Upgrade Beyond 16.1?

I recently got an alert on my Sonos desktop (Windows 11) controller that an update is available. I am currently on 16.1. Has anyone out there upgraded beyond this version on their Windows desktop, and is their experience favorable or unfavorable? Is it advisable to upgrade given the disappointment with the iOS and Android upgrades? 


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P.S. My current version is 16.1.1 (build 78152020) to be exact

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I have the same build as you for the Sonos products, but the Windows Controller app slightly different. I am not daring to accept any Sonos updates for anything until I know what is happening.


I have been trying to suggest a way to communicate what is going on but it doesn’t seem to be getting any traction 😌


Thanks @r0seb for your response - I’ll hold off updating for the time being.

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My S2 desktop controller was working fine  despite having mistakenly downloaded the new app on to my iphone last week. However my smugness disappeared today when the desktop S2 controller refused to continue without an update. Then having told me it was now updated nothing has happened since. I can’t access the SONOS ecosystem at all from my desktop. Diagnositcs seem to show all the SONOS units are still on S2 which may explain why the new app is completely pathetic and useless. SONOS have clearly closed the loop at least here in the UK. for accessing via the S2 desktop controller.  No idea if I am alone in this but it is becoming increasingly frustrating trying to use the SONOS even though I have been a customer for over 20 years.