Sonos Desktop App for Mac no longer recognizing Sonos system - Any ideas?

  • 3 February 2024
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My Sonos Desktop app for Mac recently stopped recognizing my Sonos system. Since this has happened previously, I just uninstalled the app, reinstalled a new version, but nothing changed. I thought it might be from the most recent Mac OS update, but I don’t believe that’s the case. That said, my Sonos iPhone app still works. Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated. Here is what the Desktop app looks like while music is playing via the iPhone app:


6 replies


UPDATE: I just installed a new app on work computer and by golly it’s working! I bet there was a fix to this in the 3/21/24 update.


This has happened to me too - Sonos app stopped working on both my work MacBook Pro and my personal Mac Air (both only a few months old).

Sonos was non-functional on my older work computer on and off VPN for a while, but it had worked fine before that for a long time.

[Sidenote: Sonos apps have consistently worked fine on iPhone and iPad.) 

Removing the apps on the computers and reinstalling didn’t work.

PS - it’s annoying because i really prefer to control my Sonos on my work computer whilst i’m working.


if I was going to buy a system I'd be looking at alternatives as well as Sonos. Before I’d say don’t bother there’s no other company even close. But between not having an app for IOS desktops and their customer service that’s vanished from the planet, I’d say there may be a better one now. Customer service used to be like Apple Care where they were domestic, smart, totally knowledgeable, and helped you get off the phone in a hurry and with a smile. Now? Nothing more than your traditional call center with inordinate hold times. When someone does come on the line they go through a manual checkbook rather than understanding your problem which I find to be so wasteful and aggravating. Plus, no guarantee a problem will be solved. What has happened to Sonos? 

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Are you running a VPN on your Mac?

Hi @controlav - No, I’m not running a VPN. That said, I have previously in the past (ExpressVPN) and never had an issue, but I haven’t used it in quite some time. 

I purchased a new macbook … Now I don’t have access to a Sonos app from macbook 


Im furious 😡.


Typical Sonos. Its an exasperating company.

I wish I could get a refund on all the  Sonos kit I own.

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I purchased a new macbook … Now I don’t have access to a Sonos app from macbook

Why not?