Sonos Connect Skipping Music Library

  • 6 February 2022
  • 4 replies

Hi everyone.  I have a multi-year old Sonos connect.  No issues until today, but music is cutting out for with almost 30 seconds left in every song for about 10 seconds, but ONLY on music in my Apple Music/iTunes library.  Amazon music and Spotify music are unaffected.  Track timer keeps moving, but audio drops then returns with about 20 seconds left.  Have rebooted everything, dumped and reconnected the music library, run multiple re-indexes.  iMac (where the library lives) is not sleeping, and neither is the iOS device I use to control. 

Am at a loss.  Any ideas?

4 replies

It’s not clear how your devices ‘Connect’ & ‘iMAC’ are connected to the LAN - but just see if wiring the iMAC and/or ‘Connect’ makes the issue go away …and if so, then explore the possibility of it being wireless interference related.

Thanks Ken.  Both the iMac and the Connect are hard wired.  Have no issues EXCEPT for the :30 -:20 second spot at the end of all tracks played from my Apple Music library.  All software is current.  No network issues, etc.

Have not had this before.  No clue what this could be, but it’s maddening.


Are both wired direct to the router or same/different switch etc? What is the actual setup and have you tried different network cables and even using a different Ethernet port connection too? Those are the things I would perhaps check, but I agree that it’s quite an unusual issue.

Both are wired direct, but you may be onto something, Ken.  I’m going to inspect the wiring...there may be a place where it’s pinched.  Wondering if the significance of the 30 second mark has to do with some kind of buffering process?  All I can figure.  It happens even if I skip to that point in the there’s something about 30 seconds that’s causing it to change.  Will report back.