sonos app keeps thinking it is on a different network

  • 19 November 2022
  • 2 replies

My sonos system is connected to netgear Orbi.  I have been using the system for years with no issues.  Now the App both Android (Samsung s22) and Apple (ipad) keep thinking that the system is on a different network.  But I can see the devices are all connected when I log into my router and I can still use sonos via a seperate amazon echo and Alexa voice control to play music.


If I power everything down and restart it then it works for a short period of time before again it stops working "sonos and you mobile device must be on the same network" and again my router shows they are on same network and sonos can still ve controlled via voice.


My system is 

Sonos boost connected WiFi ethernet cable to netgear orbi

1 x sonos play 1

2 x sonos play 3

1 x sonos move

1 x sonos  port



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2 replies

Hi  in About My System which speakers have WM=0 and which have WM=1?

I am wondering if the Boost is still working.

Not overly familiar with the Orbi, but is your BOOST connected to the ‘root’ Orbi device, or one of the extenders? 

Based on what you’re saying about how it was working before, and now isn’t makes me wonder if there was a change in the software running in the Orbi.