Sonos App Complaint

  • 28 May 2024
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Some feedback

I am very unhappy with the latest App update. 
Why is the alarm clock symbol missing from the homepage? It now takes too many steps to get to this page. 
The app is very clunky, takes ages to group rooms. 
it has real difficulty switching from Sonos radio to Spotify and back. It is nowhere near what the system was like for the last ten years. 
If Sonos started outwith an App that’s this poorly thought out and non-user friendly, it would have flopped. 
Please go back to a user-friendly format 

1 reply

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It now takes three taps to get to the alarms settings, whereas previously it took one tap.  So while I appreciate it now takes an extra two taps, the overall time spent to get to a setting that you might (at most) adjust once per day, is beyond negligible.   If you disagree, perhaps you can time it and let me know ?