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  • 19 February 2021
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I have had an account for many years, I bought Sonos originally so that I could play my Audible books on Sonos.  It worked well, but in the years I have had it, searching the Sonos/Audible book list has been a nightmare.  It rarely worked and never, for example, gave a complete list of the books I had for any given author.  In a bored moment, I tried it again yesterday - Joy!!! - search on Audible/Sonos worked perfectly and very quickly, amazing - nothing has changed on my Sonos for a while and I really do not keep track of Audible updates, so no idea when or why the system(s) started working.

Today, I thought I would search for a book in my Audible library via Sonos and play it - but the Sonos service was not longer visible on the MacBook Pro.  All I have done since last night is switch the Mac off last night, then on today - but there is no Audible service on the Mac, So I re-added the service, re-registered (it said I was already subscribed), the service reappeared in the Sonos app on the Mac and it all works again.  As a test, I closed the Sonos app and restarted it - the Audible app has gone again!  The Sonos app also keeps disappearing from my Mac iPad - what is going on??

Diagnostic dump sent - 1589162557

Any Ideas?


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5 replies

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Hi @8858oboe, thanks for reaching out.


Just to clarify - the Audible service keeps disappearing and reappearing from your list of services on your Mac? That definitely doesn’t sound normal or something that should be expected. 

Does Audible also frequently disappear from the browse menu on your iPad or other mobile devices?


As for the Sonos app disappearing from your iPad - does it reappear on its own or do you need to do something to bring it back?


Yes, the service disappears from my IMac, Mac Pro, iPad and phone if the app in any one of them is switched off.  The service can be reinstalled on any of them, and it reappears on all of them.  It looks as if, logically, the service presence is stored on the Sonos device(s).  My next step will be to connect my Sonos sound bar via Ethernet - this may help.

This is day three of this incident, this morning, the audible service is here on my IPad.  The iPad was recharging overnight, the Sonos app was on, and, the Audible service works fine today.  

By the way, when I noticed this odd behaviour, I removed and reinstalled Sonos system and the app on every piece of Mac and Sonos equipment.  Audible worked as soon as I installed it, and it was no longer present if I switched the Mac (any mac) off and then back on.

‘Normally, of course, I never switch off the audible service on the Sonos app, so this is not really an issue, just one more of the many Sonos/Apple/Audible foibles that seem to be so frequent on this blog.

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Thanks for clarifying.


You’re correct in that the service list is stored in and shared across the players. Wiring a player might help if you suspect the players are having network connectivity issues but even that seems unlikely to cause a service to vanish whenever a controller is closed. The apps on your devices are basically remote controls that tell the speakers what and where to play and don’t really control which services appear on the system, other than being capable of adding and removing them with your input.


I suggest the next time the service disappears to submit a diagnostic report and also a screenshot, if possible, showing that the service isn’t present on the system. Once you have these, get in touch with our customer care team who can investigate further with you and get to the bottom of exactly what’s happening to your Audible service.


Diagnostic was sent with the condition yesterday, and, thanks for the advice, but the service response is so slow, repetitive and inaccurate that I find it easier to live with the problem.


 Frankly, after several years raising questions about the way the Audible/Sonos pairing works, I am quite happy to have discovered that it is actually possible to search through my Audible book list on the Sonos - even if it requires an occasional service reinstall!  

This is a lot easier than manually scrolling through 1000 audible books presented in an unordered sequence!