Sonos and Amazon Arguing!

  • 6 October 2022
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When I am playing Amazon music through my Sonos system it works fine for a while, but within about 30-1 hour my control on my amazon App completely goes away and Sonos takes control. So if I want to skip a song, change my artist, look up and play other songs on the Amazon App I cannot . The Sonos App usurps control. 

I have to shut both apps down and sometime even reboot my Android phone to have it work and gain for a little while… then it plays Amazon music for a while and Sonos takes over again. It’s incredibly frustrating!   Has anyone else had this happen?



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3 replies

if I’m understanding your post correctly, it sounds like you have initiated playback with the Amazon Music ‘Connect’ feature to your Sonos device(s) and when revisiting the App again later, you have perhaps not released the connection to restore it back to the mobile device, assuming that’s what your trying to do🤔?. Just choose the option to ‘Disconnect’ in the Amazon App ‘Connect’ interface.

Yes. I have deleted & reinstalled Amazon Music 3 times. Still not working for long, not even an hour. Then tonight on Halloween I searched Halloween sounds that I played by manually searching & playing inside the sonos2 app put the speaker by the door for sounds effects. Then discover the Sonos2 app has taken over the main volume control on my phone, over every other application. I believe the problems lie within the Sonos2 app, of course no one here will believe it or help. And all this happened because I upgraded my wifi to Mesh. How about these Sonos instructions for connecting to your new wifi: delete the entire system and all components, then rebuild your entire system again after connecting to your new wifi. Want to bend me over next? Unbelievable!

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@Pearshen You state: “of course no one here will believe it or help”. Why the paranoia? Have you tried calling Sonos for help?

I'd be surprised if the Sonos instructions for new wifi (found here: would say ”delete the entire system and all components, then rebuild your entire system again after connecting to your new wifi".

Please describe your system (what devices, S1 or S2, where are they located) your wifi set up and your use case: how are you using Amazon or the Sonos app.