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  • 30 July 2023
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For some reason my Sonos 1 has lost contact with my NAS.

I also use Sonos 2 and it connects to the NAS without any problem (at least at the moment it does).

I’m running Mac OS 13.5 on my MacBook Pro and OS 16.5.1 on my iPhone.

I’m using a MyCloud NAS connected to my router.

I’ve tried re-entering the path for my NAS (//MyCloud-0S3D6K/Public/music) to no avail.

Any suggestions???



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4 replies

FWIW, on my mac, all of the options on the “manage” tab are greyed out.

Could you define what you mean by ‘Sonos 1’ and ‘Sonos 2’, please?

I am thinking you mean either a PLAY:1 or a Sonos One, either of them running the S2 operating system, but confirmation would be helpful.

Many of the features for system management have been stripped from the Mac controller, years ago when they announced it was being put in maintenance mode only, where it was just getting bug fixes only, and not new features. If things are grayed out, that usually means a mismatch between the controller, and what is running on your speakers, I’d certainly recommend a check by going to Settings > System > System Updates > Check for updates and making sure that the version running on your speakers and your controller are the same. 

If you’re running S1, on your speakers, your myCloud must be running SMBv1. My own experience with Western Digital is they tend to turn that off when they update the OS on the device, so I’ve had to go back in and turn it back on ( along with NTML v1).

If you’re running S2, your myCloud software can be running either SMB v2 or v3.

There has been an issue over the last several days with myCloud, unfortunately there is no history on, so I’m not sure what it was. 

Thanks Bruce.

By Sonos 1 and Sonos 2 I mean the iPhone (and Mac) apps.  Sonos1 being the “original” Sonos and Sonos 2 being the “new and improved” apps and system.  I have a old(er) Connect amp on the Sonos1 system.  It connects to all the other sound sources fine, it just won’t talk to my NAS.

I’ve seen other references to SMBv1.  Is that buried in the MyCloud software somwhere?  Would that have anything to do with WD ending support for some of their access software?



Ok, that’s a tad confusing, as they are called S1 and S2, not Sonos 1 and Sonos 2. 

Your speakers can run only one or the other of these two operating systems, they can not run both simultaneously, which means only the controller that is the same as on your speakers will connect . You could have two different sets of speakers, one set running S1, which would connect to the S1 controller, the other set running S2 which would connect to the S2 controller.

There is a high possibility that Western Digital turned off SMB v1 in an update to your MyCloud’s software. If you’re not comfortable in looking at the control pages for your NAS, and making changes there, I would encourage you to connect with Western Digital’s customer service, and have them help you turn back on SMB and NTML v1.