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  • 7 February 2023
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I have both Sonos 2 and Sonos 2 on my iPhone. One house has an all Sonos 1 system. A second house has an all Sonos 2 system. If I use the Sonos 2 system, when I return to the house with Sonos 1, the Sonos 1 app will not find or recognize the Sonos 1 system. If I uninstall the sonos1 app and reinstall all the speakers the Sonos 1 system works perfectly until I visit the second house and use the Sonos 2 app with the Sonos 2 system. Upon return to Sonos 1 house the Sonos 1 app will not recognize the sinks 1 system and I have to uninstall and reinstall again to get the Sonia 1 system to work.

Does anyone else have this issue? 

Despite what Sonia advertises, is it not possible to have both Sonos 1 and 2 apps installed on the same devise?

Does anyone have a fix for this problem?


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Hi @Rossjo, welcome to the Sonos Community

If you aren’t seeing the Sonos system on the S1 controller after you reconnect to your Wi-Fi, then it’s possible that the system and phone aren’t connecting to the same network/access point/etc.

I’d recommend you don’t factory reset any of your speakers if you run into this issue again. Factory resetting is generally our last recommended step because it can remove valuable diagnostics information that points us to what caused the system to disconnect. There’s also a high probability that the issue will happen again, factory resets rarely target the cause of the issue.

I’d suggest making sure the Sonos S1 system is online. You can tell by checking the status LED on any product, the LED should be solid white. If it’s online and you are getting an error when you open the S1 app, make sure your phone is connected to the same network as the Sonos system. If you multiple access points in your home, it’s possible the system is connecting to a different node than your phone is. You can also check our unable to connect guide for common fixes.

If this issue happens again, please submit a diagnostics and reply here with the confirmation number so I can have a look into what may be causing the issue.

I hope this information helps!

same problem… even set up a new account and used two different wifi to try and operate both versions in the same house...nothing but problems.

My kids dad,

I recommend powering down the S2 components, shut down the S2 controller, then reset or fresh install the S1 controller. Next, do the reverse. It would not be wrong to uninstall both controllers before starting the controller refresh. The critical part is to have only one system active while you install its controller.

Note that nothing critical is stored in the controllers, the critical stuff is stored in each player. Don’t Factory Reset any players without further consult because you can easily destroy critical and diagnostic data and are not likely to permanently fix the issue.

FWIW: I have S1 and S2 components on my network and don’t have issues.

Thanks Buzz - your answer gives me hope.  I didn’t mention that I have components that are not up-gradable to S2.  Can I have both S1 and S2 app at the same time, on the same Network, using the same account?  Such that I can use S1 to control the components that only work on S1?  and S2 for the  newer ones?  If not, can I create a new account or use a different wifi (same router but use the “guest” network) to let me run both apps to be able to use all components?  I do not expect to be able to combine Rooms or anything across the S1 and S2 components.