Song not encoded correctly after Spatial update

  • 22 April 2023
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

Pretty much the same. Seems like anything stored locally on my NAS plays ok - all old school MP3. Stuff streamed from Apple Music is variable. If I play a playlist probably 50% of the songs are skipped with this error. Struggling to find a definitive pattern. But do you know what, I shouldn't have to. This is completely unacceptable. My entire house is rigged with Sonos for music - almost every room - and this issue is making it almost unusable. Feel like tripping the lot out.


Can we please get an answer on what the problem is and some estimate for when it will be fixed?

Did you submit a diagnostic, and call in to Sonos support? There is certainly more than one possible reason for this, but either way, it may be helpful to provide Sonos additional hard data to look at. 

Sonos. You need to either rollback this sonos software update or put back whatever logic you had that depended on apple working the way it does…. Unacceptable to break common use case and blame others…. Even if apple wrong in this case…. And obviously hole in your testing( can no longer play apple match songs on my sonos gear)….