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  • 16 May 2024
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Is there a way to renable the volume numbers?  When controlling the sound volume using an iPhone it is sometimes hard to tell if the volume has changed. With the old version of the software a numerical representation of the volume was also displayed. 


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7 replies

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It is one of the many features that wasn’t included in the new app. Hopefully Sonos will add it in the near future. In the meantime, you can see the volume numbers if you tap the Grouping icon.

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Thank you, can only hope in the next software update they may readd it back in. 

This is a critical feature of the app which I use daily. The urgency of this is not at all reflected by the number of responses. 

It is a critical feature for me as well, so thumbs up for this to be added. 

This is a feature I also use daily and immediately noticed it had disappeared with the update.

We use Sonos in work setting with several speakers and it’s a great quick reference to see the volume number as volume required varies throughout the day.

Would love to see it reinstated as soon as possible. 

It was the first thing I noticed missing too and was very disappointed ☹️.  What’s the Grouping icon noted in the main response? 🤔 

Edgar, I can see the grouping icon just below the volume, but that’s because we have two speakers grouped.  If you are only controlling one Sonos device you may not see it.

So we have two speakers grouped eg Reception Area / Office Area.  When you click on this icon, it does then reveal both volume controls and here you can see the volume number like we use to.  You can adjust indivdually here.  But before we saw the group volume number on the main player.   Hope this makes sense?