so tired of sonos wifi

  • 26 September 2021
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Issues with newer wifi modems/routers are a neverending source of frustration.

I have a wifi 6 fiber modem/router that automagically switches from 5ghz to 2.4ghz depending on distance, which is great for anything but Sonos, so I had to setup an additional network just for that.
(and no, there’s no option to set up a different access point just for 2.4)

This is painful because in my office I have to use the 2.4ghz network, which is slower, in order to use Sonos app on my PC to connect to the Play 1’s.

Also, to control other Sonos components (Play 5’s, Sub, Move), my phone has to be on the separate 2.4 network.

So, I bought a Boost, thinking Sonosnet would solve all my problems, but no… the Move won’t work with Sonosnet (I discovered after purchasing it).  So… I have to continue with the separate 2.4ghz network.

At the very least, the Boost should prominently note in the description that it does NOT work with Move.

The Sonos page for Boost even displays the Move directly underneath!



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5 replies

Given a normal router, the Move will connect on standard WiFi with any system remaining on SonosNet, it is designed to work that way. Unless you have client isolation going on in your router, there is no reason that you can only be SonosNet or WiFi for everything. 


I’m not having similar issues. Which Gateway are you using?

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Airgetlam: there are lots of posts saying Move does not work on SonosNet.
You are saying that your Move does?

buzz: C4000XG is the modem/router




No, I’m saying that appropriate router setups should be able to negotiate the signal between SonosNet and traditional WiFi. It isn’t a ‘one and not the other’ kind of thing, you should be able to do both. 


MOVE and ROAM are WiFi only. The other players can use SonosNet or WiFi. I prefer to use SonosNet because this keeps most of the SONOS units off of WiFi.

I’m not familiar with your Gateway. As a minimum, don’t use “Auto” channel assignments, use channel 1, 6, or 11. SONOS units don’t like channels that jump around.

If possible, I like to use separate SSID’s for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I know that this chaffs some people, but it gives me absolute control over which band a unit will use.