SiriusXM On Demand Fast Forward still broken??

  • 7 October 2020
  • 1 reply

I see there are lots of discussions on this: long program fast forwarding for on-demand episodes and shows on Sirius XM. Many of them originating 2 years ago!

My experience is that this behavior is still broken/not available.

Am I correct?

Any word when this might be fixed if so?

If I am wrong, then what is the proper way to resume listening to a long episode where I left off when I was last listening to it.

Are there any work-arounds?


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1 reply

I discovered a work-around. Use the Sirius app to select and start the show and use Airplay (I am a Mac/iPhone person) to cast the audio to the Sonos (I am using the Move model speaker). Then the position in the on demand show is remembered and I can still listen on the Sonos.

A few more steps are needed, but I can pick up where I left off.