Settings for Music Library Index on what defines an album?

  • 12 February 2023
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I have a NAS on my network where I have a music library of thousands of CDs I have collected over the past 20 years.  All of the other systems that use that library are able to easily identify multiple albums with the same name as being different.  When I index on Sonos - these multiple albums all combine into a single one.  Are there settings that allow me to identify the datapoints that define an album?  Example:

I have multiple recordings of the same Opera - They they are all called ‘Faust’ but they are performed by different opera companies, different release dates and different cover art.  When I look at the album Faust on Sonos - I see track 1 5 times.  etc.  I would like to be able to define an album based on the Title, the Year, the Artist.  I have a similar situation with Broadway Musicals… the same album with different cast recordings.  

Has anyone been able to overcome this?  I don’t want to have to include the artist as part of the album title when there is a tag for the artist, and the year and the composer, etc.  I would like to select which data elements combined define an album.


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5 replies

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So what tag(s) are you using to tell them apart? Have you tried this option:


Where do you find those settings?  I don't see those at all in the iPhone App… let me download the desktop version and see if they are there.  I didn’t realize there wasn’t parity between the two.

On the desktop app I see the setting ‘Group Albums Using’ and have selected Album Artists and it is already set.  In the Mobile App on the iPhone it is worded differently where the setting is associated with ‘Compilation Albums’… and it is set to ‘Use Album Artists’.  I’m guessing that this is the same option but in the Desktop App it is worded more generally as if it applied to all albums.  I just forced a reindex using the desktop controller and I’m getting the same results where it is combining the albums even with different Album Artists.  Thanks for the idea but it’s not resulting in what I was hoping for.

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Ah well, worth a try. You still haven’t said what Tag you are using to tell these collections apart?

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I went looking for the list of metadata entries that Sonos uses to identify tracks and failed to find anything.

I’d suggest trying to modify your metadata and see what the least intrusive change you can make to get Sonos to split the tracks into the right albums.


Not a lot of help but at least it explains the fields.