S2 Upgrade - rooms and products showing as incompatible

  • 8 November 2022
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  • Successfully removed my bridge
  • Successfully set up the Sonos system on my TP link mesh 
  • everything was working well on S1 (thanks Airgetlam)
  • Checked compatibility of my Sonos units with S2. All fine.
  • downloaded and installed S2 on my phone
  • followed the instructions including switching off and on each unit and my router
  • App confirmed all good
  • Everything showing as incompatible in S2 - rooms, all of the Sonos units 
  • So nothing works on S2. 

This is a car crash. What have I done wrong? 
Does anyone have any thoughts?


Best answer by Airgetlam 9 November 2022, 00:08

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3 replies

Can you define “nothing works”? Do the products show up in the controller, or do they not connect at all? Where is the failure point? What error is shown, if any? Which specific devices do you have, all on S2 at this point? Have you called Sonos Support directly to discuss it?

Thanks for your quick response. When I go into the S2 app, I can see under “System” my two rooms which were set up in S1. Both are described as “incompatible”. The Sonos units in each of the rooms are also described as “incompatible”. If I go into System Info, I can see all the units I have displayed. As a test I would go into Sonos radio and play a source, but if I go to ‘browse’ I have no sources displayed. Strange, because before going through the upgrade process, all my units showed as compatible with S2 and are on the ‘good’ list for working with both S1 and S2.

It feels like something has gone catastrophically wrong with the upgrade. Naively I thought it would be a straightforward upgrade; tech support is a good idea. Maybe it doesn’t like tplink mesh.

So, which specific devices are shown as “incompatible”? 

What region is your Sonos account on set to? That tends to be where they get the information to populate your “sources” display from. It would be equally blank if your Sonos system (the speakers, not the controller) were unable to reach the internet. When I updated from S1 to S2, all of my “sources” came with it, but that went through the normal upgrade process. If you factory reset your devices, for instance, that would erase all the “sources” shown, and give you nothing when you updated.  

Tech support may be your best hope at this point. You’re unfortunately not providing enough information in your posts to build a mental image of your system in order to determine what might be going on. Every time I give a response, it’s basically a shot in the dark, since I just don’t know what you have, what network you have, what router you have, what devices you have, where your controller runs, which controller version number you’re running, what’s showing up where, etc.

Sonos would be able to see a lot in the system diagnostic, if you were to submit one and call them. Many of those questions I have would be covered by that data.