S2 - the connection to spotify was lost

  • 25 June 2020
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Hi there. Since adding new devices and upgrading to S2 over the weekend, I keep getting “connection to Spotify was lost”. Sometimes it works for a while and then just stops. Always at the point where it’s trying to start playing a song - I never get errors when browsing spotify and songs seem to finish playing once started.

A couple of key points based on questions asked to other people with similar issues:

  • Spotify is working on all other devices in the house
  • Streaming from my NAS and my Amazon account seems to work fine
  • I’m running a fully wireless Sonos setup but was previously using a wired Bridge with S1
  • The Orbi router is set so that all Sonos devices are “unmanaged” to avoid any network blocking

It was being particularly on/off earlier to I uploaded a diagnostic: 233855799





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5 replies

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Hi Mark_227.
Thank you for your detailed post outlining this issue.

Upon checking the report diagnostic, the system detected audio dropouts due to transport errors and not getting enough bandwidth. 
I suggest these common fixes for audio interruptions while playing music services on Sonos:
>Check account streaming limits.
>Restart the router.
>Restart Sonos products.
>Reduce wireless interference.

If the issue persists, try to submit a new diagnostic, provide us the confirmation number so we can check if the interference has been reduced.

Let us know how it goes and If you have any other questions or run into any issues,  please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Thanks for the feedback Annazel. The peculiar thing is that the issue seems to be specific to Spotify at the point of music play. Amazon Music is fine. Local play from my NAS is fine. Spotify browsing is seamless. But when I try to start to play a song on Spotify...

Can you see which Sonos devices are having interference? Or is the message generic? The devices we use the most (and so are having the most frequent issues with) are in the same room as a wifi repeater in our mesh network. Using a mobile device we’re able to get 70Mbps download and run streaming video.

To your suggestions…

  • There are no account streaming limits that would cause this
  • Router has been rebooted
  • Some of the Sonos products have been rebooted, but I’ll do them all to be sure - I’ve also removed and reconnected some of the devices from the system
  • I can try to change the 2.4GHz channel but given local wifi analysis, I don’t think that will change much...
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Hi @Mark_227.
Thanks for the response.

I appreciate that you have gone through the suggestions and provide us these details.
It really looks like the issue is specific and Spotify is the only affected service.
You can verify this by testing it from a single wired speaker.

We will further investigate this concern and will update the thread for details.

If you have any other questions or run into any issues,  please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Hey Annazel. I’ve just…

  • Upgraded and rebooted my main router and all the satellites in the mesh network
  • Turned off every Sonos in the house (there are quite a few)
  • Restarted them one by one, testing Spotify on each along the way

So far, so great! Everything is behaving exactly as it should. If it starts misbehaving again I’ll drop a note, but for the moment things seem to be fixed! 🤞

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Hi @Mark_227.

Thanks for the update.

I’m glad to hear that it’s working fine now.

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

The community is always here to help