S2 Android app keeps closing

Every time I try to access the System option in settings, the app just closes.

This started happening a couple of weeks ago.

App is version 14.20.1

Build 70436090

Phone is  Google Pixel 3 on Android 12

I’ve restarted the phone but it didn’t help. I haven’t yet re-installed the app.



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It sure sounds like a corrupt install of the app, I’d delete, and reinstall. 

Deleted and reinstalled the app but still doing the same thing.



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This behaviour is not replicated on my Pixel 4xl phone, so it is likely to be an issue with your phone. Can you open the settings menu on your phone, select the Sonos App and clear the cache.

Cache cleared but no difference.

Spotted the Reset App option at the bottom of the App Preferences menu. Tried that and it seems to have worked.

Thanks for the suggestions though.


I might have spoken too soon. The reset option only works once, then the app closes as before when I select the System option.

At least this is a workaround, and luckily I have another device with a functioning version of the app.

Would still be good to know why this is happening..


Might be worth a call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

I'm experiencing the very same issue too. It started happening a few months ago and hasn't been resolved by doing everything mentioned above. Even after a couple of updates, the issue still remains.

I really hope this gets fixed. 

What did Sonos support say when you called in?

Same thing here, resetting the app in the app preferences menu will get me into settings once. It's super fun when trying to add new speakers to the system. 

Phone is a Pixel 7 Pro, android 13


For those saying call Sonos support, their response is always the same, go to app preferences and reset the app. 

Same problem. Pixel 7, Android 13.

Reset app doesn't work any better that restarting it.

Sonos support has no answers.

Someone update the app and fix this please!

Updated the app today. 


Still crashing.