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  • 12 August 2023
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I had a functioning S1 system a mix of Play 1’s and the original S3. I tried to help an exercise studio I use who were having trouble with their Play 1.  I brought it home and mistakenly ended up upgrading my Play 1’s to S2 but the original Play 3 and bridge aren’t upgradeable. I have now removed the bridge and the S3 is running on the S1 app. When I try to run the S2 app I get the  “Sonos found on NETWORK NAME” message. I don’t want to run the S1 app so I go to Options. if I select Forget Sonos Sytem will that mess up the existing S1 system?  I have already caused upset with My family - quite understandable and just need to get the S1 & S2 system running and if I can, prove that the Studio’s Paly1 does work which I now know is set to run on the S2 app.

Happy to try another route just don’t want to be going down more rabbit holes. thanks 


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3 replies

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The Play:3 works on S2. Only the Bridge is not compatible with S2.

If you say your system is working on S1 without the Bridge, then I’d just update your speakers to run S2 and use that app going forward.

Hi, thanks for replying. I was wrong it’s a Play 5 not a 3 so I do need both S1 & S1 running.

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Hi, thanks for replying. I was wrong it’s a Play 5 not a 3 so I do need both S1 & S1 running.

Okay, in that case you will need to use the S2 app to downgrade your Play:1s to S1

Downgrade a Sonos product from S2 to S1

Using the S2 app you will need to join that system in order to downgrade.

You cannot mess up anything with your S1 system (Play:5) using the S2 app.