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  • 15 August 2023
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My wife decided to return our Sonos system. Too much money to spend on the whole system. Problem is I’ve unplugged and boxed up the components to return them. I did not think to remove them from my system in the app. Do I have to plug them back in and remove them or can I have them removed by Sonos? Or just let the next person who buys them set them up and they will drop from my account?


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5 replies

You need to open the boxes back up and factory reset each unit.  Otherwise your information will stay on them, including any music service account info.

Given, of course, your risk aversion. 97% of people probably would never check to see if there was old data on there, and just factory reset them on their own. It’s just the sneaky people like me you need to be worried about. 

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If you factory reset them then set them up on a throw-away e-mail Sonos account you won’t have to wait for the new owner to set them up and clean up your account.

If you are returning the units to SONOS I think that they will check the and Factory Rest the units. If you are returning them to a 3rd party, I suggest that you Factory Reset.

Other than they will send lots of marketing to your email address, you don’t need to worry about your SONOS account because you will not own any product. If a future owner receives a unit that has not been Factory Reset they may stumble over a fragment of your email address. 

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If you do nothing the worst that could happen is that the new owner of the devices could play music using your music accounts. Your actual username/passwords are not stored on the devices (they used to be around 8 years ago!), just access tokens.