Removing a sub from a system splits up the stereo pair

  • 7 February 2024
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I purchased my first Sonos system a couple weeks back, a pair of Era 100s and a Sub Mini. It’s a single use-case setup: music. Initial setup and configuration was a breeze: I have the Era 100s configured as a stereo pair, added the Sub Mini and ran the Trueplay advanced tuning.  Overall, very impressed.

I noticed that the Sub Gen3 was on sale, so I wanted to A/B the system sound using the Sub Gen 3 vs. the Sub Mini.

The problems:

  1. When I removed the Sub Mini from my room, it also broke my stereo pair, moving one of my Era 100 speakers into a random “Bedroom 2”.
  2. When I went to move the Era 100 from the random “Bedroom 2” location to my custom-named room “Master Bedroom” - “Master Bedroom” did not appear as an option in the list of rooms to which I could move the speaker.

The expectations:

  1. When removing a sub from a system in a particular room, the app shouldn’t automatically break up the stereo pair and start moving speakers into other rooms.
  2. When configuring a setup in a room, if a custom-named room has been defined, it should appear in the list of rooms to which a new (or existing speaker) can be assigned. Otherwise, there’s not much point in providing the option to assign custom names to rooms.

The Sonos app is version 16.0, build 77.4.49290 used on an iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.2.1

Edited to add additional details.

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2 replies

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Can you tell us what you mean with the phrase “to A/B the system sound”?

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Can you tell us what you mean with the phrase “to A/B the system sound”?

A/B testing.

A: 2 Era 100s paired with Sub Mini

B: Same 2 Era 100s paired with Sub Gen 3


You can’t pair more than one sub to the stereo pair at a time, so in order to make the comparison, I had to remove the Sub Mini, and add the Sub Gen 3.