Recommendations for NAS Storage for Sonos S2

I recently upgraded from Sonos S1 to S2. My old NAS storage doesn’t work with S2 (it’s SMB1 only.;)

Does anyone have suggestions for an inexpensive NAS storage device that works with Sonos S2? Best would be something that can use a flash drive for storage.



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Hi, I have very good experience with Synology although that gear is not the cheapest on the market 😔

S2 will work with SMB1. Can you update your NAS if you want to use SMB2?

I’ve also had good experiences with Synology. I’ve had very bad experiences with MyCloud.

Curious as to what NAS you’re currently using, that doesn’t allow you to upgrade to higher versions of SMB?

I am using a RAVPower Filehub ( My PC can see the drive and the Sonos app can play music from the drive, but it says the drive is no longer available when I try to update the index.

So, not an NAS, but a travel router that tries to emulate being an NAS. I see on page 25 of that manual that you can at least turn on /off SMB (Samba) while in bridge mode, you may want to contact RAVPower’s customer service to ask which version of SMB is in use. Or perhaps it has been part of a firmware upgrade since this manual was written? Or it may be time to upgrade to a newer device? On the other hand, it seems to be working, at least partially, so maybe leave it alone?

I did some more digging and found more about the problem. It appears the NAS drive (more accurately travel router with SMB support). The problem was Sonos didn’t like two new music files I added. I was able to get the music library to reindex by changing the Album and Contributing Artist metadata from “Beatles, The” to “The Beatles”. All of my other Beatles music (252 files!) uses “Beatles, The” with no issue.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

If your issue is with the file meta data, you’ll need to use a Tag Editor to standardize your meta data. I use a written style sheet to make sure that I’m consistent across the library. Years ago I made a giant project of going through my library and standardizing the meta data.

There running disagreements on how to best handle “The Artist” , “Artist”, “First Last, and “Last, First”. Everyone is right, the other guy is obviously wrong.

Understood, but literally changing the tag on one song from “The Beatles” to “Beatles, The” causes the Sonos App to error out on updating the index.

Doesn’t make any difference on my Western Digital NAS, so I’m wondering if it’s not a Sonos issue. 

Is it possible that the tag editor outputs an unsupported file type or meta data format?

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Indexing is really picky about stuff.

Is it possible the space character in the original name was not the standard one?




Doubt it, editing the tag directly from the Windows file explorer