Radio stations cannot be saved in favorites

Not sure if anyone else has this issue.  Since the upgrade, I cannot access my saved favorite radio stations. It says "something went wrong".  I can only access them by going to the radio app, choose location, then country,  then city, then station that I want to hear.  If I then decide to play my favorites from Spotify as an example, I need to repeat the steps above to listen to a radio station. Shortcuts DO NOT work, particularly radio. 

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This 'upgrade' is anything but an upgrade! 

Sonos are having a laugh at our expense! 

I've lost everything in my system and can't save it once I've found it or retrieve it. 

I wrote to the chief executive and got the lamest response from a bot. 

I've got 11 speakers and had them for more than 10 years. The whole lot are going into a skip! 

Honestly, Sonos cynicism it breathtaking and frankly disgusting. 

It has been a disappointment for sure and I feel your pain geeefcee.  I also have a sonos one which is not compatible with the new player and that's unfortunate