Querying SMB version with respect to local library issues

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Hi all,

I have seen a number of conversations regarding SMB protocols and SMBv1 recently being disabled for S2 users (while being retained for S1 users). We are down in the weeds here, but I have just discovered that it is possible to query SMB version from a Windows PC. This may help some people who are unsure which protocol their NAS drive supports.

I am on Windows 10. You have to run Windows PowerShell as an Administrator.

Then use the command Get-SmbConnection -server x.x.x.x | fl where x.x.x.x represents the local IP address of the device, in my case an old Western Digital MYBOOKLIVE NAS drive.

I thought my NAS was locked to SMBv1, and there’s no way to change it.

But the query returns….

ServerName : x.x.x.x
ShareName  : Public
UserName   : DESKTOP-******\*****
Credential : MicrosoftAccount\email address was here
Dialect    : 2.0.2
NumOpens   : 2

The Credential response above shows that my PC is talking to the NAS using SMBv2.

What this means is that my NAS should work with the updated S2 software.

Happy to be shot down on any of the above, but it worked for me 😀

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