Problems with connection to apple music

  • 11 June 2024
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After years when my Sonos system (two pairs on Sonos 1 speakers, one Sonos soundable and 1 Sonos roam) worked fine playing music from the Apple Music service using any combination of controllers on my Mac, iPhone and iPad,  things have recently (last week or so) gone very wrong.

  • Sometimes Sonos will fail entirely to play things from Apple Music saying that the connection to Apple Music has been lost,
  • Sometimes it will start, but then part way through a track it will skip onto the next track and
  • Sometimes it states it can play the track because it is encoded wrongly.

All of this whilst I can easily play the relevant track directly in Apple Music (without using the Sonos speakers) showing that my network happily connects to Apple Music.

it is also worth noting that all of my devices are connected via the home wifi and do not utilise any bluetooth or wired connections.

On the basis ofd other discussions I’ve tried unplugging/reconecting and rebooting my entire network and reinstalling the controller(s) on my Mac, iPhone and iPad all to no avail.

Any evidence that you are aware of this problem and further suggestions on how to fix it would be welcomed.

5 replies

I’m having the same problem ….. suggestions on solution welcome!

Have spent two days rebooting and unplugging and attempting to reauthorise. Have had enough… The supposedly updated app is useless anyway. I might as well have bought a plain old Bluetooth speaker.

Having waited in line on a call to Sonos support, they rectified the problem by asking me to remove the Apple Music service entirely form Sonos and then re attach it. This seemed to fi the problem two days ago and indeed all was working well this morning, but alas the problem has now returned and removing the apple music service connection and reinstating it doe snot work this time. So I’m still frustrated on this and will bet back to Sonos when I can find the time to wait in the queue agin to speak them.

Just to add some more information to confuse the scenario a bit more. It seems that I can happily play songs from Apple Music to my Sonos Roam speakers, but at the same time fail miserably to play songs from Apple Music to other speakers (in a different room) at the same time, where it reports connection to Apple Music lost! (whilst simultaneously having a very happy connection to Apple Music for the roam) Clearly SONOS have got some significant issues with their app connections to Apple Music.

I am having similar issues to the above, as I am able to play Apple Music on a couple of Sonos One SLs, but not on a couple of Sonos Ones sitting right next to them… 

This combination doesn’t work:

  • Version: 16.2 (build 79.1-53290)
  • Hardware Version:

… but this combination does work:

  • Version: 16.2 (build 79.1-53290)
  • Hardware Version:

Hopefully that can be resolved soon.