Problems streaming certain songs in Apple Music

  • 16 November 2022
  • 2 replies

I am having trouble streaming all my songs in my Apple Music playlists. In my Apple Music app, they are all available and can be played. In the Sonos app, certain songs are “greyed out” and not available. The album artwork is not there either, it has a symbol that looks like the Saturn planet.

It’s getting very frustrating using Sonos when all my music is not available.

Any help is much appreciated!

2 replies

Same problem here.  I contacted support a month ago but no real solution.  Searching the internet this problem goes back at least one year ago.

Apple music does still apply DRM to specific items at the request of the artist, to my knowledge. Sonos doesn’t have access to the “key” stored in the Apple music app, so sometimes tracks can be greyed out in the Sonos app, and they’re readily playable in the Apple app. 

Most often (to my limited knowledge), this is on recent music, but if you were to tell us which tracks/albums that you’re having issues with, someone else with an Apple subscription could corroborate?