Problems reconnecting Play 1

  • 18 August 2021
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I’m having trouble reconnecting my Play 1 to my WiFi.  It was working fine and then lost the connection, having made no changes to the WiFi.

I did a factory reset and got a flashing green LED.

I downloaded the latest Sonos app to my tablet, and there is no sign of a system/settings menu.  All I get is a screen with a button “Join Existing System.”  When I hit this it searches and tells me it can’t find a Sonos system and takes me back to the first screen.

This happens even when connected by a cable and rebooting the router

How do I get to a screen that allows me to re-enter mu WiFi settings?  It’s beyond frustrating - seem to be going round in circles!

Any help is much appreciated.



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4 replies

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Is the Play 1 your only Sonos product?

Yes, only one Sonos product.  I’ve had it about four years, always connected to the same router via WiFi.  And it shows on the Sonos website when I log in.

I feel that what I’m missing is access to the settings menu of the Sonos app.  I’ve installed the app a couple of times, and can’t bring up system/settings.  Judging by all the setup videos I’ve seen this is the key.

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Does the phone you are using meet Sonos’ system requirements?

OS should be iOS 12 or higher or Android 8.0 or higher. On older OS’s the firts thing that will not work anymore is set up - which you need since you’ve reset the speaker.

You’ve got it 106rallye.  My tablet is Android 7 and cannot be upgraded further.  Same for my phone.  But my wife’s tablet is Android 11, and I was able to connect using the Sonos app on that.  Even so, it was by no means easy, and I seemed to repeat several steps before it worked.  Definitely the most difficult device I’ve ever connected to my WiFi.

If, when the Sonos S2 app stalled on my tablet, a message telling me that Android 8 or greater was required, it could have saved a lot of aggravation.

Out of interest I checked Sonos S1, and that app is now working - it wasn’t before.  And it suggests I upgrade to S2, but I’ll give that a miss!

Many thanks for your help.