Presets don't play right station (android app)

  • 29 January 2024
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About 20% of the time, when trying to start a music stream from off / not playing, when selecting a preset streaming station or streaming station from “recently played” within the android app, the Sonos will instead play the streaming station that was last playing earlier in the day.  

The icon / graphic is for the selected station, but when you listen, it’s not the station displayed or selected, but rather the last one played earlier in the day. 

I also have an iPad with this app / PC, but rarely use them, so can’t 100% tell if this is android app related or sonos related (irrespective of app OS).   Anyone else have this issue?  Eventually I can select the stream again (via presets) and after 1-2 it will play the intended stream, but since the icon is always the selected one, you have to wait to hear if you’re actually listening to your intended station.  Been happening last few months.

The Sonos speakers I am connecting to don’t matter (I have home surround (play bar, sub, 2 play 1 surrounds, another play 1, play 3, Move)


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2 replies

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I’m on Android here and haven’t seen that.

Next time it happens submit a diagnostic and call Sonos to have it looked into. They can see data we can’t.

It suggests some sort of disruption between your controller device and the speakers. Could be between one or both and the router, causing commands/data to be delayed/wrong. I’d certainly look at the wifi interference FAQ, but ultimately, @Stanley_4 ‘s suggestion is best.