Playlist from Qobuz do not appear

  • 15 June 2024
  • 6 replies

I use Qobuz as music streaming platform. Since the Sonos has bern updated I can’t see any of my Qobuz playlists anymore. It’s strange because I can see my Qobuz favorites. Same issue with my wife. The new Sonos app doesn’t seem to be well functioning.

6 replies

Too right, The app so-called update is an absolute disgrace. It was updated again yesterday and the issue is still not fixed.

Do you have the same issue?

Yes, I still can’t see my Qobuz playlists even after after the new Android app had a further update. From what I have read online, the new apps are an utter disaster with people losing a lot of functionality. Rather than apologising for releasing software that is not at all fit for purpose Sonos CEO has said they are being brave and readying the service for future improvements. What a clown.

This problem is over a month old. And the problems with Sonos software seems never ending. Sonos’ lack of response is also telling here. They are banking on the fact that you’ve bought their stuff so you’ll stick with them. That has worked for me for a while. I have an Amp, 5 speakers and a bar. I’m really not exited about dumping all this and starting over but this is the last straw.


Not sure what I’ll do. Maybe BlueSound. Anything but Sonos at this point.

My Qobuz  playlist not showing up when the new app came out was bad but all this time and it still not working makes think their app testing isn’t well engineered and not a good match for their products. All I can do is be sad and wait. (This could be the story for a Country song.)

Can we get this fixed or provide a workaroud, dealbreaker