Play local files Solved

  • 16 March 2024
  • 2 replies

The solution is to use an app like HiFiCast.   Cast to 1 speaker and then use Sonos app to add other speakers.

HiFiCast also supports .m3u playlists which iBroadcast sadly doesn't.  Also plays at full bitrate which is nice.

2 replies

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I found the Support team at iBroadcast super helpful (they fixed their service so my app worked better with it), have you asked them about m3u file support?

Edit, apparently HiFiCast isn't available for iOS.

M3u support for iBroadcast would be unlikely (no I haven't asked) as you have to define each song path in the xml. I'm sure that the iBroadcast paths will be hard to convert from local paths.  Happy to be proven wrong.