Play All top tracks from artist suddenly missing

  • 21 October 2020
  • 2 replies

I have been using Sonos for many years and have generally used Google and Amazon streaming services. I subscribed to TIDAL about 10 months ago and really liked the quality. I had the option to Play All top tracks from my selected artist.which is how I tend to listen to music

8 days ago this function suddenly disappeared. I contacted TIDAL and got a very quick response back that pointed me towards an issue with the Sonos interface.

Sonos - why has this function been removed from TIDAL when it is still available with Google and Amazon?

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2 replies

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This is a TIDAL problem, despite what their support may claim. This also explains how the feature can disappear without any change in the Sonos app - Tidal changed their SMAPI service, which is how their data is exposed to the Sonos app, they removed the “Play All” item (or the metdata which indicates it is allowed), which I agree is annoying.

Same here… It’s so annoying:(