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  • 14 December 2023
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I usually listen to Scala Radio, which is available through Planet Radio. This morning when I opened the Sonos app it opened onto the Settings page (I haven’t been on that page for ages) When I went back to my home page and tried to play Scala I got a message saying that Planet Radio was not available in my country. I tried going back to settings took out Planet Radio to see if reinstalling it would help but when I search for it it’s no longer there. Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution please?

I HAVE JUST FOUND OUT PLANET RADIO HAVE CHANGED THEIR NAME TO RAYO. THIS CAN BE ADDED AND ALL IS WELL AGAIN (Would have been handy for Planet Radio to let us know that this was happening!)


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30 replies

Mine keeps saying network issue when I try to authorsie the app, even though all other apps play fine and sonos is connected. Anyone else have this?

Same issue here, says unable to play radio station. Have signed into Rayo again but no change as yet.


update : it was defaulting to the old saved stations and I had to search again and use Rayo as the search source which then brings up all the local versions of the station you want to find..

hope this help if you get stuck  

I've been having issues with Rayo, I listen to planet rock and it keeps dropping out for a few seconds off every other song. 

I've swapped to the radioplayer app and it works fine, my issue is I'm paying for premium (add free) it's frustrating enough with the "make me a winner" promotion 3 or 4 times an hour.

All Sonos does is point the speaker to the Rayo server that Rayo says to use, Sonos don’t operate that server themselves. You may want to reach out directly to the folks at Rayo, since you’re paying them a subscription fee. They’re more likely to listen to you. 

Thanks, I'll email Rayo and see what they have to say.