Not enough space to import all the playlists // Synology - OS 10.15

  • 1 September 2022
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Hello everyone, recently, when I try to update my music library (Nas synology > music mac os Catalyna), I receive a message: not enough space to import all the playlists. I have almost no playlists on my itunes so I don’t understand (max 10,15 playlist with something that 1000 or 2000 songs in totalà. Is there a way to clean up itunes playlist not visible in itunes app?

Thanks guys, have a good day

3 replies

I have the very same problem and I have zero playlists saved

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Hi @StarKiller and @keckel,

While iTunes does have a track limit for playlists, and a playlist limit, you’re not anywhere near close to hitting it. 

While you’re both getting the same error, it’s likely for different reasons, so in this case I’d recommend you reach out to our support team as they have the tools necessary to troubleshoot this issue.

Before you call in, it would be best to trigger a diagnostics right after you receive the error so the support agent you speak with can get a fresh look at what’s causing the error.

I hope this helps!

Spent yesterday do exactly that. Diagnostics did not help.  The tech said it was a software limit that is outside of my control.  I have trimmed down some duplications in my collection but nothing has removed the error when updating my index.