No Access to Music Library without Internet Access

  • 4 December 2020
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Here is my setup:

Additional information from Sonos S1 Controller:

Associated Product:

Play:5: Bedroom

Serial Number: ***************************

Sonos OS: S1

Version: 11.2 (build 57377280)

Hardware Version:

Series ID: P100

IP Address:

WM: 1

OTP: 1.1.1(1-16-4-zp5s-0.5)

I have a Play:5 that is an old model, and will not work with the S2 controller.
I do not have an internet connection.
I have set up an internal wifi, using an Apple Express which is connected to the Play5 by an ethernet cable and a RCA audio cable.
I previously was able to play music from my MacBook Pro to the Play5, but now I am unable to access the Music Library from my MacBook; for some reason, this has stopped working, because Sono doesn’t recognize my Music Library.
On the Sonos S1 Controller, I select my Music Library Settings and select the + sign. I then select My Music Folder, enter the Admin Password and select Next.
I then get an error message: “Unable to add the shared folder “[computer name]/Music to your Music Library 1001”.
I also try to browse to alternate routes for the Music folder, but get the same error message.
I did not change any of the settings on my MacBook or on iTunes.

I have searched prior threads, but these don’t seem to apply to my problem. Sonos support has washed it hands of the problem--they say this is not a Sonos issue. I am hoping that we will have internet access some time in the future, but I was hoping to make this work temporarily as it did before.


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6 replies

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Hi @slips, welcome to the Sonos community and thank you for letting us know about your concern. Let me help you out on this.

First, I'd like to ask some questions to isolate the issue so we can determine the path towards a resolution.

  1. Any update or changes you made recently with your network?
  2. Is your music stored on your Macbook or NAS drive?
  3. Have you tried removing and re-adding your music library?
  4. Have you tried updating your music library?
  5. Have you configured your MacOS firewall to work with Sonos? 
  6. Do you have an antivirus installed? You may need to check the firewall configuration settings to ensure that it's not blocking Sonos.

Please run a diagnostic from your MacBook and reply back with the confirmation number to compare with the other diagnostic. This will allow us to see how your system is functioning, and help provide a resolution. We'll wait for your reply.


Please run a diagnostic from your MacBook and reply back with the confirmation number to compare with the other diagnostic.

Can he submit a diagnostic without an internet connection?

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Here is the confirmation number of the diagnostic: 961394218.

No change in the network. Music is stored on the MacBook Pro. I did try to update the Music library using the Sonos Controller S1, but it gave me the same error message. I tried accessing the library with Antivirus turned off and the MacOS firewall is turned off. I also have give Sonos full disk access in the System Preference>Privacy window.

I have not tried removing and re-adding the Music Library to my MacBook, but I can do that later when I have better access to the internet. What I can’t understand is why I was able to play the Play:5 previously--connected to the Apple Express by Ethernet--but it just stopped working when I could no longer access my Music Library.



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Hi folks,

@amun, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Internet connection is required to run a diagnostic report from the Sonos app. In some cases, so long that the Sonos app was not reset or uninstalled, we can still collect a diagnostic report.

@slips, thank you for your response and for submitting the diagnostic. Upon checking the report, I can see that you have 4 Sonos devices. The Bridge, Play 5, and Play 1 are showing offline. However, your Connect is currently online. Is it in the same location as your other Sonos devices? How is your Connect connected to the network?

Software and firmware updates might be one of the reasons why your Play 5 no longer connects or the network settings need to be re-configured. I found this thread that might help you. If you need help with the configuration, I recommend reaching out to Apple support for further assistance. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

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I have moved the Play:5 to a new location. The other devices are not at this location. When i first set up the Play5, I connected it to the Airport Express with an Ethernet cable and an RCA audio cable. I don’t know where I say that instruction, but when I first set it up, I was able to play from my laptop to the Play 5, but now I am getting the error message that Sonos can’t find the Music Library. I will check out the thread that you mentioned.

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Hi @slips,

Thanks for your response and for your updates. I’m sorry for the late response. Is your MacBook is in the same location as your Play 5? Let me share some information on how this will work. The auto-play should be set in the Sonos app and to set it up, it requires an internet connection and should be performed before moving your Play 5 to another location. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, I'll be glad to assist you.