Niagara support?

  • 10 December 2022
  • 2 replies

I use Niagara launcher but the media widget controls do not work.  Does Sonos support proper media controls?  Every other media widget works fine.  This is from the Niagara support docs... 


ask them if they can support transport controls & implement proper media sessions (e.g., you can share this Medium article).

2 replies

Sonos is not a ‘media player’ in the same sense that they’re using the term. It’s a remote control, to a media player that runs on the speakers, so I would not expect it to function with Niagara.

SONOS does not store any music, there is nothing to play. SONOS is a whole house music playing ecosystem, not a media controller. SONOS does provide an API that anyone can use. If this API is incorporated into Niagara, Niagara would become just another controller for SONOS. This would probably not be very productive and would not be a means to have SONOS play arbitrary sources.