New SONOS App - very poor - limited Spotify Playlists?

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All I can repeat is IM FURIOUS about this new app!!

its an absolute mess to navigate round,


Hope theres an option coming to go back to the original……. I would NEVER recommend Sonos to anyone from now on! I have previously championed them, but no more!  I may consider pulling out myself now, cant be doing with this mess they've created😫

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I emailed  the CEO and got back a generic email from Sonos Support about the limited Spotify playlists issue. Ultimate irony - I use the old grey S1 app on slmw

oldwr Sonos amps I use in a part of my house and guess what every single playlist appears there on the original app. And all my playlists in other music services seem to be there (Apple, Tidal). On that basis this must be a really easy issue to fix. I can’t believe they don’t know if it. 


Many years ago, Sonos won a large market share because they understood networking (ie WiFi), and they had a solid app. They had a great IT team.

For some reason this has been thrown out the window with the new app. I won’t go through the dozens of issues I’m having as I’d just be repeating what others have reported.It’s as if they replaced their IT department with a bunch of arrogant know-nothings…. dumping all the old code and replacing it with junk!

Sonos’s response to this mess is not encouraging. They have said that it took “courage” to introduce this app and they are “proud” of it. Really?

It’s not surprising that their stock price is down. And on about 20 May, their Chief Product Officer reportedly sold 40k of the company’s shares.



Is there a way to just convert my existing Sonos Play:1 speakers & Sonos Connect to Bluetooth devices (bypass any Sonos software)?? I’ve lost all faith in Sonos as a company. Zero support availability.

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Its been 9 days and still no response. It really sucks that I am FORCED by Sonos to install a new app that does not work.

Why hasn't someone gotten back with me yet? Are you unable to let me install the previous app that works?


So, I sent this to Sonos today. Waited 1hr 15mins on the phone today and didn't solve 

my problem: will not allow me to log on. When I enter name/password and click to log on, it goes 

back to the logon page. 


So then I created a logon to this forum and was amazed there were so many problems with this new

app. It amazes me that we do not have a choice, and at the drop of a hat, BOOM, Sonos forces you off

with no option to even use your equipment. There have been many times over the 6 years I have used Sonos that everything comes to a grinding stop for no reason. With wireless so fragile, I am considering

just getting away from Sonos all together. Tired of spending hours and hours on the phone with these people…...

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Is there a way to just convert my existing Sonos Play:1 speakers & Sonos Connect to Bluetooth devices (bypass any Sonos software)??

LOL open them up, solder in a Bluetooth chip and antenna, hack the firmware to add a Bluetooth driver, job done. Should take about 15 minutes. /s

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I have the same problem. 
Wont load any of the albums I have saved either. 

Its not even worth lodging a ticket is it? *sigh*

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Started 10 days ago…….still no response. Sonos is sucking bad

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I was just on with chat. No help, they want to do a remote session. I figure this is a known issue and they won’t be able to offer any insight. 
I will say the agent on chat was very nice though, can’t complain about that  

I noted that SOME of my playlists had appeared as a subcategory of Sonos Favorites. However, this happens only sporadically. Even when they show up, not all of my years-in the-making playlists appear. While a hopeful sign has surfaced (that the playlists appear even occasionally), why did we have to experience this at all? Clearly, this software was rolled out long before it was ready.

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you would think that they would have an app that works somewhere around their office. That is just crazy. 

I have to agree the new app is not good.  Hard to use, glitchy, and generally poorly designed.  Come on Sonos, we expect more from you !!!!


So Spotify playlists (whether in a Spotify subfolder or not) seems to be limited to a total of 50 (yes I did count it) and is based on most recently created nto last used.  As I have 121 lists with some of my more popular ones being the oldest they cant be played from the Sonos app.  I appreciate you can cast them from the Spotify app but you miss out on some of the Sonos functionality and why should I now have to do that when before it was all workable from the previous app.  Personally I do like the new UI but without some of the basic functions it really isnt good enough, not when people have spend thousands of pounds on their systems.

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Something IS wrong. Sonos has previous apps that they could put back out there so we 

can get back to our business I am not sure why they do not do this immediately. Almost criminal.

What is their reasoning behind something that has “usually” worked. The only times I have had trouble

with their apps is when they dick with things. Shutting down peoples systems “unless” you update

is just not right. 

I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in this system despite preferring the sound of Bose, simply because Sonos software was so much easier and user friendly. They have absolutely trashed my system with these later software updates that causes me nothing but frustration every time I try to listen music now 

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Is anyone- anyone- from Sonos itself going to comment here ? The Spotify playlist flaw is a massive miss from Sonos. Do they care ? Will they fix it ? Would be courteous to respond …

The volume control lag and random volume movements is way worse. Affects all music, not just Spotify. If this issue was on Spotify I would be less angry but it is all aspects that suck. Disconnects, unable to locate my system, volume glitch, the list goes on and on.

Joined this Community to voice my annoyance at the sheer uselessness of Sonos app since it was recently relaunched.

I had expected an update to be released to fix the bugs - but understand the catastrophically bad UI would take longer to fix.

As well as the app constantly (Every use!) hanging / loading - the lag switching between devices and even making volume changes means that you’re always being ‘surprised’ by music playing in the wrong room / device and sudden increases in volume.

Makes me regret investing so much in my Sonos products,

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I talked with Sonos one hour 45 minutes….said new app will be out in the middle of this month.

The app is just as bad or not worse than the first one.  It doesn’t load and when it does it’s so slow and bogged down.  With the high price point of Sonos I would expect a quality product all around. I for one am holding off buying another Sonos. Please fix this mess. I forgot to add , it’s not my wifi connection , I have fiber optic 1G

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Why would tech support want to screen share? I just dont understand Sonos anymore…..

I’ve been on hold for 50 minutes...50 f’ing minutes because the App will not load onto my iPhone 15. So I have no control of the Arc or the SUB except volume..And I have no APP on my phone.  50  minutes and nobody picks up..SONOS is a disaster.

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There is no longer any playlist functionality.  Moderator replies said playlist editing would return. That was a month sgo. But that has fallen off the known issues and future action steps list.

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There again, this is almost criminal, almost intentional, especially the amount of time…..

The app is loading very very slow, it is really unworkable. Please do something about it.


Many of the issues I’ve experienced with the app seem to be related to communication between the app and my WiFi system (ps this even with a very strong signal -42 db).

Does the new app collect and send more personal data to Sonos than the previous working app? If so, what data?