New Sonos App doesnt allow sorting of Bandcamp purchases

  • 11 May 2024
  • 3 replies

In the new app, when I go to my Bandcamp service, and then select recent purchases, I see my collection but they are sorted randomly. Not alphabetical and not in order of purchase, so I have to just scroll through lots to spot what I'm looking for. Can this ability be added? Or if it's there how do I sort?



3 replies

Yep. Agree. The Bandcamp options have been reduced. I also used to play my Bandcamp tracks on shuffle very frequently but now can’t do it. ☹️

Yep no shuffle option and no sort option is really poor. To take away options is terrible idea. 


Bandcamp is such a great music provider and supports the artist. I'll not be investing in more Sonos home infrastructure. I know you can go via Bluetooth and use the bandcamp ap but the whole point of WiFi is it's better than Bluetooth. So it's sort or pointless getting the Sonos WiFi infrastructure if I cant use it with my preferred music provider. 



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The Shuffle option missing sounds like a bug in the new app, I’ve seen it reported for other services too.

However Sonos has never had the ability to Sort third party data, only the music provider can offer that option.