New app slow to update current status

  • 10 May 2024
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The previous versions haven’t been amazing at this. But since the last update, the app is incredibly slow at showing the current status of the system. For example, showing the current track playing when it’s been changed. 

Is it now routing differently?

5 replies

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I am having the same issues. The new version of the app is awful. No need for the complete redesign, it was ideal before the update. The app is now chronically slow. Such bad lag between selecting a track and not actually playing. Never had this issue before. Even the speakers that have been flawless for a long time are flaky at best, disconnecting randomly and my stereo pairs not working correctly. Very disappointing Sonos, not what I have come to expect. 

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Same issue here. So slow that it's practically almost unusable. Change track or volume rakes forever (if it happens at all). Now playing is typically a couple of tracks behind etc. I don't understand how software like this can be released? 

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What recourse do we have??

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How can I get back the S2 version of this abominable app 5/2024? Or can I at all?  

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