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I’m having a weird issue with the new Sonos app. Since upgrading it now shows my Sonos system twice (one in a black window; the other grey. Photos attached). I only have one system, but it appears to have been installed twice (?) It usually works, but when I use it, it starts playing in one room (Back deck) and won’t connect to the others (Living room, Kitchen). If I try the “other system” it eventually connects, but I often lose volume control. I often have to go back and forth between the two systems this way. The controller display also often “sticks” on the first song played, meaning if I play, say, a Stones album it stays showing the first song from the album. If I play a new album or playlist, the same first Stones song is displayed (although it will play new music).

Some background: I have two newer Sonos Amps and one Connect Amp. One of the newer amps is connected to “Kitchen”; one new amp is connected to “Living room” and the Connect:Amp is goes to “Back deck”. My system worked fine with the earlier app. I had to replace my modem and reinstalled my Sonos system on the new network. I had to upgrade to the new app when doing this. At first it couldn’t locate any devices, so I rebooted all amps and it connected to the newer amps. I had to do a factory reset on the Connect:Amp before I could reconnect that one. It plays now, but the fact my system is displayed in two separate windows / controllers is odd. Also, whenever I go to a new playlist or song, etc. it automatically disconnects the Kitchen and Living room and reconnects with the Back deck. Same whenever I open the app.

I know my wifi is working well, and I haven’t added or replaced any devices, etc. Any suggestions on how to get my system to work the way it used to before the app upgrade would be enormously appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. 


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