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  • 11 May 2024
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Some features are not available anymore in the new app version since last thursday, like access to a Nas harddisc. WHY..??? I have a lot of music-files on a harddisc and I can't play it anymore with the new app..! Also earlier made favourites are impossible to select. I had to install new Radio Broadcasting stations. Please make it possible to return those functions or give the possibility to use the old app version. The old app was working fine for me..!!

3 replies

Possible solution to play music from computer to Sonos if you are using the playbar.

I have bought a few years ago an external soundcard with Spdif (optical) output. You can play music from the computer to the (external) soundcard and when connected with the Spdif input on the playbar, Sonos is playing the sound just the same way as it is playing sound from TV. You can connect an additional optical Spdif-splitter for using both TV and soundcard. You only need a media player on your computer.

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Just disable any updates now, if it still works, there’s plenty of us who lost the ability to connect optical/spdif to soundbar after a recent update and Sonos support says it’s our problem.

Sonos Technical do not seem to have a solution to losing the ability to play sound from a TV through the optical/spdif cable to my Playbar since introduction of new Sonos App. Anybody fixed this problem?