New Amazon Music User. Error Trying To Use Sonos System...More

  • 28 January 2022
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I just switched to Amazon Music from Spotify. When I try to play music to my Beam 1 / Ones setup I get a verbal error message. Music won't play. Music works fine using the Sonos app. Is there a setting I need to update to use AM directly?


Second question: I was told that in order to play Amazon Music in HD or UHD I must use the Sonos app. True? When I play my music using the Sonos app I only see the HD/UHD notation sporadically, even with playlists of all HD/UHD songs. Occasionally I see the notation appear mid-song. Normal?


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4 replies

In the Alexa app, you need to designate Amazon Music as your default music service.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that's not the answer. Alexa is set properly. After starting a song I briefly see a connection notification, but then the speaker says "Sorry, I'm having trouble playing your music."

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Clarification. If I open Amazon Music while playing music from a verbal command it shows "Connected to Sonos Beam". If I then try to manually start a different song from the AM app I get the verbal error message and the previous song continues. I cannot play a song from the AM app to the Sonos system any way but verbally or from the AM playlists I've added to the Sonos app.

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USER ERROR. Spotify had me choosing "Sonos Beam", while Amazon Music wants me to choose "Living Room" (that choice wasn't available in Spotify). All is well.