Napster on Sonos Disappeared

  • 13 February 2024
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Anyone having problems with Napster on Sonos? All of a sudden the service disappeared on my Sonos system.


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7 replies

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Verified that I am able to log into my Napster account outside of Sonos...

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Turns out all my services disappeared (except for TuneIn). Tried adding services back… Napster, Apple Music etc. When I choose ‘Add’ on ‘My Service Accounts on Sonos’, the service list is blank...

Same issue here but with Prime, Spotify and Pandora services disappeared and unable to add any.

Reset router, devices, deleted app and reinstalled. No change. Still unable to add any services.

All of my music services disappeared. I logged out and back in, nothing. I deleted and reinstalled the app and nada again. WTF. 

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I do reed a lot about people losing their streaming sources temporarily, probably because of an update. Turning your speakers off and on should cure this,

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My services magically came back about an hour after I first posted. Magic ftw!