myTuner Radio station doesn't work

  • 25 January 2020
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I added ‘MyTuner Radio’ service to my Sonos account.

I found a radio station within the service: ‘Радио ENERGY (Radio NRJ Moscow)’ 

Everything worked fine for approximately a month, but now every time I try to listen to this station - I see ‘Local radio’ message and radio stream doesn’t work. 

The station fails to play on all my Sonos audio devices. I tried to reboot my router, my smartphone and my Sonos Bridge device, but nothing helped.

Could you please check and explain what’s wrong? It seems, that ‘MyTuner Radio’ service still maintains this station. Other ‘MyTuner Radio’ stations work perfectly.

Thanks in advance!

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3 replies

If other stations are working, and just this one is not, it’s a good indication the problem is with that station, and not the Sonos, or ‘MyTuner’ radio. Have you tried contacting the radio station directly?

No, I haven’t. I’m not sure whom to contact. Is there kind of a standard procedure for such cases, Sonos users?


PS Maybe someone knows what other Services provide “Radio Energy Moscow” station?

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Actually, the answer given is most likely not correct.

Sonos is known to struggle providing consistent services. I have the same issue for a long time now, not just with radio.

my channel worked yesterday, today it doesn’t. It works fine via the mytuner app, but not on Sonos.

if your speaker does not provide direct connection from your phone (like airplay 2), you are stuck with Sonos services. Because only a few of their products actually can play from other devices directly, Sonos has fallen back in the market, compared to other providers. But if you’ve spend thousands of dollars on their products, just to find out a couple of years later, that they are no longer up-to-date, you wasted your money. I know how this feels.

keep trying to connect over the next days, weeks, months, the channel might come back.

cheers Sonos