My Sonos will not play certain local radio stations via Tunein

  • 18 November 2019
  • 9 replies

Hope someone can help. My Sonos one using tunein radio will play our local radio station called Pirate FM and will also play Pirate 70’s but when I ask it to play Pirate 80’s or Pirate Christmas it states that the station is playing but I get nothing? Any help would be grateful….Thank you

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9 replies

Do you get any error message at all within the Sonos App ‘Now Playing’ screen when these stations fail to play?

Also what results do you get from a 'Tune-In Radio' search in the Sonos App, does that show the missing radio stations?

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I can only see Pirate 70s when searching, no Pirate 80s or Pirate Christmas. I am in the USA.

Hi Ken, many thanks for your reply. The error message I receive when trying to play the station is “Unable to play ‘Pirate 80’s’ - the song is not encoded correctly. The Sonos app does show Pirate 80’s but then just comes up with the error message above. When I ask Alexa to play the station once again all I get is dead air.


Thank you also Controlav for your reply. Can you see Pirate FM at all?

They’re not showing up on the website, either.

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I can see and play Pirate FM and Pirate FM (East) from the PC controller. Seems to be a Cornwall-based station.

You are correct controlav, it is a Cornwall based local radio station. The strange thing about all this is the fact that I can get both Pirate 80’s and Pirate Christmas through my Amazon echo.

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That is not strange at all: TuneIn delivers different station urls depending on the target device type, so it doesn’t surprise me that Echos get a slightly different list to Sonos. I can only assume the “missing” streams use a codec or bitrate that Sonos cannot support, so it is filtered from the Sonos listings.

Are you in Cornwall? I used to visit Newquay for many summers as a kid, lots of fun memories.

Hello controlav, thank you so much for explaining things, at least now I know it is not a fault in the product. I will just have to stream it via my phone or tablet ( which does work very well ).

Yes I do live in Cornwall, not far from a place called Looe. I do go down Newquay sometimes but not too often these days.