Music Will Randomly Stop Playing and then Come Back On

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I'll submit a report when I can duplicate the issue. But until then, here are the details of my Sonos S2 controller:

Computer Operating System - Windows 11

Sonos Connect - hardwired

Sonos OS: S2
Version: 14.20.1 (build 70436090)
Hardware Version:
Series ID: C100

I'm having the following issue:  

Music will randomly stop playing and then come back on. It happens with SiriusXM, Pandora, and Spotify when being played through Sonos S2
I've noticed this over the past ~2 weeks and it's getting worse by the day. Its happening now several times in a 30 minute time period. 

Can you please suggest anything that I may do to get this S2 controller to perform as it was doing prior to this issue?

Thanks very much.  


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Are there any other SONOS units in your system?

We cannot rule out hardware failure. Refrain from Factory reset prior to working with support because this will trash Diagnostic data that might have been useful.

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Buzz - thanks for your follow-up. No, there are no other Sonos units in my system. I have hardwired speakers throughout the home which are powered by the Sonos connect and an amplifier (TRUAUDIO) which is located in my head end room. Everything has always worked perfectly for many years and I’ve just noticed this issue recently. 

Hardware fault is moving up in my list of suspects.

Be sure to check silly things, such as a flakey network cable or connector.

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I have AT&T U-Verse in my home and since everything is hardwired I’m thinking about doing a “soft” reset on my router to see if perhaps it’s a cache issue. Does this sound like a good approach to you? 

Yes, I have a FIOS router that spawns a lot of grumpy chat on the Internet. From time to time it benefits from a reboot. At one point I caught it handing out duplicate IP addresses. This was definitely the router’s fault because the duplicate showed in the router’s own tables.

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You’ve been very helpful. I’ve performed the soft reset on my router and I’m monitoring my music now. I’ll circle back with you tomorrow after I get a few hours of listening under my belt. Thanks for your assistance this evening. 

Have you reserved IP addresses?

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Good question. At one time I had a static IP address but once the AT&T U-Verse was installed my IT guy told me that it might not be a good idea to have a static IP address as sometimes the IP addresses are given out in a range. My Sonos IP address right now is: The soft reset failed as I still had the same problem with the music stopping randomly. I just performed a HARD reset and the IP address that I provided to you above is what is being used now. So far no music stopping issues but I need to get a few hours of listening under my belt so I’ll circle back with you tomorrow afternoon. Thanks Buzz!

SONOS always fetches its IP addresses from a DHCP server. It is not possible to configure a “fixed” IP address in a SONOS unit. “Reservations” instruct the DCHP server to always give the reserved address only to a given client. Reservations reduce the risk of duplicate IP address assignments during a SONOS firmware update. Corporate and old style network administrators are wary of DHCP servers and prefer to go inside each unit and configure it for a specific IP address. While this has advantages in large, diverse corporate networks, it is not possible with much of the current consumer electronics commonly found in homes. Reservation is the practical defense against duplicates.

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I performed a hard reset last night before I went to bed. I woke up early this morning and started to stream all kinds of music via my Sonos Connect. This is what I’m finding:

Spotify - plays fine. No interruptions. 

Radio Paradise - plays fine. No interruptions. 

SiriusXM - randomly stops playing and then comes back on

Pandora - randomly stops playing and then comes back on

Upon further reflection I would have to say this has always been the case over the past ~2 weeks when I first noticed this issue. It’s really just with SiriusXM and Pandora playing on the Sonos Connect with the S2 software. 

Since SiriusXM owns Pandora I’m inclined to believe it’s an issue on THEIR end. I may just leave this alone for now OR go into the SiriusXM forum to see what I can find there that is a similar issue. 

I think if enough people complain about this issue then SiriusXM / Pandora will need to fix it. 

Should I submit a diagnostic to Sonos or just leave this alone and let it resolve itself?

Thanks very much. 






I know a person who is having no success playing SiriusXM at home. In this case there is no SONOS system to blame.

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The problem persists (SiriusXM and Pandora). Do you think I should unplug power to my Sonos Connect for 10 seconds and then plug the power back in performing a system reset OR do you think I should wait on that and submit a diagnostic to Sonos? 

I did submit this issue in the SiriusXM forum yesterday but have heard nothing back as of this morning. 

Thank you. 



I’m not a SiriusXM user. It’s doubtful, but a reboot might help. Submit the diagnostic before rebooting.

I’m not having any Pandora issues.

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Buzz - I disconnected power from the Sonos Connect and waited 10 seconds and then applied power to the Connect (soft reset?). Everything appears to be working fine now. SiriusXM is playing without interruption and I plan to test Pandora tonight. Thanks for all your help.