Music tracks from Itunes to Sonos

  • 24 December 2023
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I haven’t been able to send my latest tracks from ITunes to my Sonos. It used to work and I’m sure I am doing it right but it’s not working, any tips ?

        From Tricia


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4 replies

Maybe see if these three Sonos support links will assist you to get your iTunes library up and running…

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Could you provide a bit more information about how you used to do this?

Thank you for replying so quickly ! The one I recently tried to put on my Sonos has suddenly appeared, took hours. This has happened before and taken days to appear. Is this normal ? I’ve had my Sonos for years and never had problems like this before.

       From Tricia 

I haven’t looked recently, and this is likely covered in the links provided by @Ken_Griffiths , but in order for Sonos to ‘know’ about files in your Apple Music library (iTunes as a name has been retired), you must run the ‘export to .xml’ function. I think Apple does that as a chron job, but it isn’t immediate. However, if you run that command first in Apple Music, and then the ‘Update Music library now’ function in Sonos’ controller, the new items should appear after that process is complete. Note that the Sonos process is also either a chron job, set to fire at a particular time, or run manually.