Music starts playing after shutting down the system

  • 31 March 2024
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My system has started randomly playing different speakers after they have all been shutdown. It may start one on a porch or it might start several. I just shutdown all music to all speakers and verified they were stopped and it randomly started one back again after a few minutes. 


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3 replies

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What source where you using?


Quite possibly it’s a Spotify ‘connect’ session that you have ‘perhaps’ left open on the Speaker(s) be sure to end its session to stop it calling/sending from the source device to the Sonos API. 

See example screenshot.

Thats assuming you’re using Spotify App linked through to your Sonos devices over the local network.

That was most likely what happened. It has not happened again as I have been using Sonos Radio. Spotify does not play well for whatever reason. It will play fine, but when a commercial comes on it will either play through it like it should, or it will just stop and I have to pause it then press play again to get it going. I have noticed this same behavior when using a Firestick. This makes me think the Spotify app is bad…