Music Library stopped updating; deleted; now can't add

  • 21 February 2021
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I have a Mac mini which had the Apple Music (formerly iTunes; I am not referring to the subscription service by the same name which I also have) set up as the Music Library. I had some version of this setup since 2013. My Sonos components are grouped into five zones, two of which are Soundbar, two Play:1 as surround, and Sub; the other three are two stand-alone Play:1, and a Move. All are on 12.2.2 (build 61183220) except the Move which is I note is 12.2.4 (build 61185090), but no updates are available.


The Mac mini is running Catalina 10.15.7; it has some security updates but no major updates recently as that is of course now Big Sur, which isn’t supported on the Mac mini I have.


The Mac mini’s primary function is as an AV unit so it is connected to a TV, and about two weeks ago while watching something I noticed the Sonos app bouncing, reporting it could not update the Music Library. I then noticed it was doing this every day, with the 2am update presumably having failed. So, I deleted it, and went to add it back. But, it reports it is “unable to add the shared folder “//Mac-mini/Music” to your Music Library (1002).” The same happens whether I do this selecting the “My Music Folder” button, or manually as another folder, and now matter whether I pick the main folder, or the specific one just with the files in it.


I looked up a 1002, but I do not have a Bridge, and while I do not the slightly differing version numbers, I am guessing that is Move-specific? Physically restarting these things is a royal pain (the surrounds are in the ceiling corners)—and it is a major design flaw that it cannot be invoked from the app and I am reluctant to do that when I suspect it is actually some unintended permissions issue…

Anyone else having this? I can of course get the content anyway via Apple Music as a streaming service, but it is quite annoying. Thanks!


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3 replies

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In the System Preferences under Sharing, do you have any items checked? Has your “Music” folder been added under Shared Folders?

What is your shared folder path? Have you rebooted your router and Mac?


Thanks! I have all of that (and it is ~/Music/Music, just the default) but I did see that in Get Info there were two lines for SonosDMS. I have deleted both on the basis that perhaps there was a clash, but am still getting the same error when I try again. I will power cycle everything (again), though I have added the music library from my MacBook (Big Sur) which does seem to work; I will need to wait for that to finish I presume.


I don’t know that I pinned down the problem, but it seems to have been a DNS clash: the Mac mini was connected both to wifi and ethernet. Ethernet was reporting a self-assigned IP; this seems to be new behaviour from either it, or my FiOS router to disable it in favour of my “faster” (not faster!) wifi. Turning off wifi seems to be stopping Sonos be confused in the specific case of adding the Music Library; in passing no other functionality was or is affected.