Music Library no longer supported on old app OS 15.5

I have one IPad using the old app on so 15.5 which was my only way of accessing my music library. All other devices updated to new awful app.

I was able to access and use my own music library but today after a 10 day period of non use my music library does not appear as an option and music library settings is greyed out and says I have to update the app.

is this really happening that Sonos is forcing people with their own music library to update to a piece of shit app that will not allow us to listen to our music?!

I’ve held off moaning but this is unacceptable.

If theses something I’m missing then please advise.

If it’s another big error from a company supplying speakers and system to allow people to enjoy music they own rather than stream via a service then how do I add my weight to get something done about this?


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